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Headteacher                MRS C. CHALKLEY

Deputy Headteacher  MISS S. HANSON

SENDCo                        MRS S. WILSON


CLASS                                        TEACHER                                     TEACHING ASSISTANT

Donaldson Class (Year R)        MRS H. WOOD-BRIGNALL          MRS K. CARSWELL

Attenborough Class (Year 1)    MISS L. SEXTON                          MRS J. HERDSON       MISS A.BALL (STUDENT TEACHER)

Nightingale Class (Year 2)        MRS J. MAHER                             MRS M. LAWRENCE

Kinney Class (Year 3)                 MISS A. FITZGERALD                    MISS L. WHEELER

Ahlberg Class (Year 4)              MISS C. SHEEN                             MRS A. CLARE

Hawking Class (Year 5)             MRS S. WILSON                           MRS M. MINGO

Churchill Class (Year 6)            MRS V. HARRIS                             MRS S. MULLIGAN (HIGHER LEVEL TEACHING ASSISTANT)


PPA cover:

Miss S. Hanson

Mrs S. Mulligan

Mrs A. Lindley


Pastoral Care    ​                           MRS S. SOLOMON

​Office Manager                            ​MR S. DEWEY

School Secretary/Heads PA      MISS C. TRIPP

Caretaker                                      MR C. TURNER



Headteacher                CHERYL CHALKLEY

Acting Chair of Governors     LESLEY CALDWELL

Vice Chair                    CHRISTINE GREENER

Teacher Governor       LEAH SEXTON        

Parent Governor         CARRIE PAGE

Parent Governor         LAURENCE STOCK

Co-opted Governor     ALAN NORLEY     

Co-opted Governor     RUBY DEO     

Co-opted Governor     MICK TAYLOR

Co-opted Governor     LESLEY CALDWELL  

Co-opted Governor     ROGER SPICER



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