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Term 2

We have been learning about the features and language used within instruction texts. We had to follow instructions for how to make Halloween Peppermint Creams with only the instructions for help!

Investigating angles. We classified different angles around the school grounds to consolidate our learning.

BOOK WEEK! Take a look at our Roald Dahl themed outfits - everyone looked amazing!

BOOK WEEK! We studied Roald Dahl's autobiography 'Boy'. We love d the 'Chocolates' chapter so much that we had the experience of tasting chocolates as though we were Roald in his school days, tasting and reviewing chocolates for the local factory; it was one of our favourite parts of the week!

ANCIENT GREEK DAY! - We learned about Ancient Greek clothing and fashion and dressed up in our own authentic looking outfits for the day.

ANCIENT GREEK DAY! - We learned about the traditional foods that would have been eaten in Ancient Greece. Some we loved and some we were not so keen on! We learned about how the climate and lifestyle would have affected what was eaten too. We tried lots of different foods such as artichoke, feta cheese, green and black olives, flavoured oils and many more!

ANCIENT GREEK DAY! - We learned about Ancient Greek architecture and discovered why temples were still standing today! We then had the challenge to build our own temple to see which one could hold the most weight. Finn, Maia, Freya and Nathan won the challenge with a fantastically designed structure, well done team!

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