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Foundation Subjects


The National Curriculum forms one part of the school curriculum. The new National Curriculum was published in September 2014.
The Foundation Stage is the Reception Class.

Key Stage 1 will begin in Year 1. Key Stage 2 will begin in year 3.

The National Curriculum is made up of core and foundation subjects that must be taught to all pupils of compulsory school age. The National Curriculum incorporates the following subjects:

à English

à Mathematics

à Science

à Art & Design

à Computing

à Design & Technology

à Geography

à History

à Music

à Physical Education

à Foreign Language (French is studied at Mersham Primary School)

à All schools are also required to teach Religious Education at all key stages and we will follow the Kent Agreed Syllabus for our RE curriculum.

At Mersham Primary School we are developing our cross-curricular approach to incorporate many of the essential experiences that we believe our children will need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. In order that our children become life long learners, we recognise that they need a wide range of knowledge and skills whilst also experiencing a sense of awe and wonder.


We have added our skills progression documents in History, Geography, Art and DT below.

You will find our topic webs for each term in our class pages. Just click on the link below!

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