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Eco- Newsletter

Dear parents,

This year the new Eco-Eagles have had many different ideas on how to look after the planet.


Energy Saving

We will be continuing the Class Eco-Award competition where classes compete each term to be the most energy efficient class. Classes need to remember to turn computer monitors and lights off when not in use and the Eco-Eagles will be monitoring the use of their classroom heaters. A trophy is awarded to the best class each term.



Ella from Class 4 and her mum have kindly volunteered to recycle plastic bottle tops for our school. If you can bring these to the box in Class 4, Ella will recycle them (and in the process raise money for Help for Heroes). This year we will also be encouraging parents to recycle their batteries in the school office.

The Eco-Eagles would also like us to reuse our rubbish and hold a Junk Day later in the year. Thomas from Class 6 thinks the whole school should take part in a Junk DT competition on this day and Jack from Year 1 had the idea of making ‘litter bugs’ from our junk. This day seems like a fun idea and we will think about this in more detail in 2011!



Miss Brown has introduced Walk On Wednesdays to Mersham Primary School. The Eco-Eagles think this is a GREAT way to help the environment! Children can collect stickers each Wednesday if they car share, walk to school, or park further away than usual and walk to the school (eg. parking by the village shop).



The Eco-Eagles have bought some litter picking sticks and have volunteered to use their playtimes to pick up litter from around the school. Please help us by ensuring litter is placed in bins before and after school. We would like to buy new bins, including one for the lower playground.


Bird Box

Our Bird Box with a web-cam was installed last year outside the school office. Unfortunately the Blue-tits that normally nest there were camera shy and decided to relocate last year. We are considering moving the camera to the nest by the window of Eileen’s office to see if we have more luck this year.




The Eco-Eagles love wildlife and would like to appeal to you to help birds find food and water as the weather worsens. Any seeds, fat balls or food you can leave out for the birds in the winter will help them to survive!


The Eco-Eagles have many more ideas about how to make the school a more environmentally friendly place and are very enthusiastic about their role. We are always open to further suggestions. If you or your child have any other great ideas, please let your class’s Eco-Eagles know! After all, for Mersham to be a successful Eco-School, EVERYONE needs to be involved!


Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. If possible, please recycle this letter once you have finished reading it.


Mrs Cox

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