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Class 5 Work Term 1 2015-16

RE: We visited Mersham church to learn about its features. The class enjoyed having a Q&A session with Reverend Campbell.

ART - We have been learning about line techniques and how to express shape and form.

ART - We then learned how to use light and shade to express different tones of colour

SCIENCE - We have been learning about forces and how moving objects are affected by gravity.

SCIENCE - We have been learning about how friction speeds and slows down the movement of an object.

NUMERACY - We have been investigating how to calculate perimeter and area.

NUMERACY - We have been revising angles and how we classify them as acute, obtuse, reflex, right and straight angles.

HISTORY - We have learned about Viking life and what they would have eaten so we made some oatcakes using some of the ingredients that they had.

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