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Class 5 Term 6 Work

Rivers And The Water Cycle- Wave been learning about the water cycle, creating our own cycle to see how water evaporates, condenses and precipitates. We have also learnt about the parts of a river and how it travels form its sources to the sea.

SPORTS WEEK!! As part of Sport's Week we made some of our own fruit smoothie shakes1 We then made reciepe cards to encourage children to get their 5 a day!

SPORTS WEEK!! - We had some visitors form the 'Mission Spy' team to teach us all about team work. We learnt a lot of new tactical skills to complete dodge ball, tug-o-war and obstacle course activities.It was so much fun!

SPORTS WEEK!! - We have been learning about where Sport's Day Races originated from and had a go at trying some of them for ourselves. We imporvised with crates for our basket race, we had a sack race, a three-legged race and even a push up competition!

KINGSWOOD! - As part of our outdoor learning adventures,and our transition to Year 6, we visited Kingswood activity centre with Class 6 for a day's residential trip. Look at all the activities we completed - it was a fantastic day and we learnt a lot about team skills.

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